Different Names for the Same Thing (Dragon Edition)




Words pertaining to Dragons

Ancient Greek:

  • drakon (δράκων) -  a dragon, serpent of great size
  • drakaina (δράκαινα) - a she-dragon
  • hydra (ὕδρα) - a water serpent; specifically, the Lernaean Hydra
  • python (πύθων) - a great serpent; specifically, the mythological creature slain by Apollo
  • peloros (πέλωρος) - monstrous, huge
  • pyrpnous (πύρπνους) - firebreathing (not necessarily related to the dragons in Greek myth)


  • draco - a dragon, serpent
  • dracōnigena - dragon-born
  • hydrus - a water serpent, serpent; as seen above
  • sinuōsus - serpentine, winding, bent
  • ālātus - winged, having wings (again, not necessarily common of Classical dragons)
  • pistris -  any sea monster, a whale

Two important notes about δράκαινα: 

  • It’s actually anglicized “drakaina" (the plural is δράκαιναι/drakainai).
  • It doesn’t just mean “she-dragon”; the δράκαιναι were monsters who were part serpent. They typically had female features, often a female head and torso with a snake’s lower body.

Lamia (a human woman turned child-eating monster) and Echidna (queen of the monsters) were prominent δράκαιναι in Greek myth.

Oops, the drakania/drakaina mix-up was definitely a typo on my part. Thanks for the info!